Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced, Coming To PS4 And Switch

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced, Coming To PS4 And Switch

Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in production and will be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 seems to make improvements to the former title's gameplay limitations.

As reported by Gematsu, Square Enix unveiled the title at Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo.

Compared to the games of today, the earliest Dragon Quest games (known as Dragon Warrior in North America) are as primitive as can be, but they still have enormous charm. Dragon Quest II will also release on the same date on PS4 and 3DS for 850 yen plus tax.

Dragon Quest Builders follows the formula of Minecraft as a world-building game, but set in the Dragon Quest universe.

Excited to get your hands on Dragon Quest Builders 2? You can find the entire Dragon Quest presentation below.

The company will release "Dragon Quest III" later that month; however, it is expected to come bearing a steeper price tag of 1,500 yen, which converts roughly to $14. It is unclear if these ports will see a worldwide release, but with the rising trend of retro games being revived, there is a good chance that they will also arrive to the United States soon.

Dragon Quest XI just launched in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS and PS4 and it's naturally proving a hit already. "DQ" loyalists will identify Malroth as the ultimate boss of "DQII", and those who have used the Game Boy version will recognize Sidoh as the final boss of "DQII".